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The Moderation Movement was founded in November 2014 by myself and Jodie Arnot from healthy balance fitness and we have amassed almost 40,000 followers!


Much of the Western world has gone food & fitness mad and our mission is to counter all the extremism and hype around food and exercise. We are all about promoting a healthy enjoyment of all food and encouraging exercise for enjoyment and health, not punishment or weight loss. Our huge following supports our belief that many people are tired of all the hype, food rules, dieting and focus on weight loss and looking lean, and are craving balance which is exactly what we offer!


We believe that if you nourish your body well with a variety of fresh whole foods - vegetables, fruit, whole-grains, legumes, nuts, dairy and protein rich food - then you don't need to avoid any food outright unless you want to. We also recognise that there are many different ways to eat well and you don't need to eat all of the whole foods mentioned above to nourish your body well.


Our main platform is facebook, however we have started running events where you can come along and learn how to escape the dieting and image focused fitness world and start to heal your relationship with food and your body. Click here to learn more.


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